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The Summer Biblical Study has moved to Cambridge beginning with 2014 and information about the next year’s sessions is already available. Richard Garner, the treasurer of the charity organizing this event, has sent me the brochure of the programme which I am pleased to publish. See HERE the PDF file.

I was privileged to attend the 2013 programme in Oxford and I found it very informative. Although I would like to attend the sessions next year, I am not sure I will be able to. It’s on my wishlist, anyway.

Below is some information received from Richard Garner. As you can see, next year’s schedule boasts two “heavy guns” in the field of biblical studies: R. Bauckham and L. Hurtado. I envy those who will be able to listen to their lectures.


This year the publicity is being sent out much earlier than usual because it is more important than ever that we attract a good numbers this summer.  We have at least 50 resident places available in each week, and our relocation from Oxford to Robinson College Cambridge could affect attendances.

This year’s lecturers are:

Professor Richard Bauckham, Ridley Hall, Cambridge

Dr Carly Crouch, University of Nottingham

Professor David Catchpole, Sarum College, Salisbury

Revd Dr Malcolm Guite, Girton College, Cambridge

Dr Jonathan Stökl, Kings College, London

Professor Larry Hurtado, University of Edinburgh

Julia Weiner, Regent’s University, London

The trustees are very conscious that the cost of residential summer schools can be a barrier to participation, and have made every effort to keep our prices as low as possible.  Our Lecture Fees have been held for the fifth year in a row at £100 per week for resident participants, and the cost of full board en-suite accommodation (five nights) at £510 is £100 lower than we had to charge for similar accommodation last year in Oxford.  The non-resident option for people who prefer to make their own arrangements for meals and accommodation is £160, and you should contact me if you need information about prices as a non-resident with some meals.  Alternatively, Robinson College has an on-site cafe providing drinks and light refreshments.

I hope that it will be possible for you to join us next summer or some time in the future.


Richard Garner
Treasurer and Trustee
Summer Biblical Study in Cambridge www.vtbs.org.uk
(The programme of the Vacation Term for Biblical Study)
45 Souldern Street, Watford, Herts WD18 0EU
01923 229306
Registered charity number 1125494

Am aflat astăzi de la dna Francisca Băltăceanu că la Humanitas se pregătește pentru publicare o lucrare de teologie care în mod cert va fi interesantă atât pentru cititorii specializați, cât și pentru amatorii dornici să se informeze cu privire la evoluția doctrinei creștine de-a lungul secolelor.

Între timp am primit de la Editura Humanitas și anunțul privind lansarea cărții. Dacă sunteți în București și aveți timp și energie pentru un drum până la Cișmigiu, nu ratați întâlnirea cu autorul și invitații lui.

Astăzi am fost în „inspecția periodică” la una dintre librăriile Humanitas, dar am plecat în buzunar numai cu lucrarea lui Lucian Boia despre Suveranii României, fiindcă Îndreptarul e încă la tipar. Ca să rămân o clipă la cartea lui Boia: bine cunoscutul istoric se întreabă chiar în titlu dacă monarhia e o soluție. Nu știu ce răspuns dă, însă voi încerca să revin zilele acestea cu note de lectură.


După atâta alergătură anul acesta, nu cred că mă mai țin picioarele să ajung la noua ediție a simpozionului C.S. Lewis. Dar e îmbucurător că s-a creat deja o mică tradiție. Felicitări organizatorilor!

333-05 copy 2

Mai multe expoziții și documente de epocă și mai puțină isterie „evlavioasă”.

Gabi D

Today, during a break, professor Wim François (KU Leuven) drew my attention to this conference about the “16th century reformations”. I am glad that the series of conferences on this topic continues and I am really tempted to submit a proposal. If it is accepted, I hope to be able to return to Leuven in May. Full information about submitting a proposal can be found HERE.



The Fifth RefoRC Conference 2015 will be held May 7-9, 2015 and will hosted by the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Version of this webpage: June 18, 2014.

Short Papers and General Attendance

The conference is open to individual short paper presentations (20 minutes presentation, 10 minutes discussion) and to thematic sessions of two or three short papers. It is also possible to attend the conference without presenting a paper. While we encourage papers on the conference theme, papers can focus on all disciplines related to the 16th century reformations, such as arts, philosophy, law, history, theology etc., independent of the theme of the plenary papers.

Short Paper Submission and Registration

Short paper proposals and registrations can be submitted via the registration form. Short paper proposals are welcome before February 15, 2015.

Theme of Plenary Papers

The theme of the plenary papers is: Crossing Borders: Transregional Reformations.

In recent decades, the field of transnational/transregional history has yielded novel insights: the constant movement of persons, goods, ideas, books and images across boundaries induced a transfer of culture and knowledge shaping the early modern world much more profoundly than previously thought. Although alert to the universal aspect of religion, theologians and (church) historians are only starting to apply this methodology to the study of religious reform in the sixteenth century.

The conference aims to emphasize the shift in the field of Reformation Studies to a cross-border and multi-confessional approach: How were religious exile, confessional identity and transregional transfers connected? What were the routes and networks of religious reform, along and across borders? How did the printing press support transregional exchange? In what ways did global, transregional and local dimensions of religious reform interact?

The Fifth RefoRC Conference Leuven explores transregional dimensions of the Catholic and Protestant Reformations in the early modern period.


General communication of the conference is in English, but also papers in French and German will be welcomed. Presenters who prefer to give their paper in French or German, are invited to provide the audience with an English summary of about 150-200 words.

A piece of news which I repost from HERE.


New Conference: “Theology of the Holy Spirit: Personal Experience and Charismatic Movements in Contemporary Churches” (12–15 Nov. 2014, Sibiu, Romania)

St. Andrew’s Biblical Theological Institute (Moscow, Russia)

Institute of Ecumenical Research (Sibiu, Romania)

DELM – Development of Ecumenical Leadership in Mission Network

with the support of ICCO – Kerk in Actie (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Invitation and Call for Papers

International Conference



12–15 November 2014

Sibiu, Romania


The idea of the real indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the Church and in the human person, stressed already in the New Testament, plays an important role in contemporary Christianity; it is especially explicit in Pentecostal churches but also in charismatic movements in many traditional churches. The emphasis is placed on the felt experience of the presence of the Spirit, with particular attention to certain charismas, connected to the event of Pentecost.

In contemporary culture much attention is given to individual perception and experience. This results within Christian churches in the question of many believers: “How can I experience the Christian message in my own life?” Pentecostal churches and charismatic movements are closely connected to this attitude, which seems to form the basis of their success. On the other hand, traditional churches treat this kind of experience with suspicion because they regard it as purely emotional and not in line with traditional church teaching. This does not mean however that the idea of personal experience of the Holy Spirit is absent from the teaching of traditional churches. Thus, the idea of the gaining of the Holy Spirit by each and every Christian during his/her life is central to the teaching of the Orthodox Church, although this is understood in a different way than in Pentecostal churches.

In the course of the Conference, it is intended to address the following questions:

How much room do traditional churches (Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant) give to personal (religious) experience and experiences of the Spirit?

How do they relate to charismatic movements within their own churches and to Pentecostal churches? How do they perceive each other?

What does this mean for the theological vision of the Holy Spirit? Is it possible to reconcile traditional church teaching about the Holy Spirit and theosis with the experience of the Spirit in Pentecostalism and charismatic movements?


Those who wish to present a paper should send a summary (500 words at most) by e-mail to St. Andrew’s by 1 September 2014. The Organizing Committee selects papers for the Conference and sends invitations to the speakers. The full text of all selected papers will have to be submitted by 1 November 2014. The working language of the conference will be English. Upon arrival at the conference every participant will receive summaries of all the papers and the conference programme. Papers are scheduled for 30 minutes each.

Summaries and papers should be sent to:

Mikhail Tolstoluzhenko

St. Andrew’s Biblical Theological Institute

Jerusalem St. 3, Moscow, 109316, Russia

Tel/Fax: +7 495 6702200; +7 495 6707644

Email: standrews@yandex.ru, info@standrews.ru


The conference will assemble on 12 November 2014 for a reception and opening ceremony in the evening. Participants will depart after breakfast on 15 November. Accommodation and meals will be provided by the organizers.


Numbers are limited and early registration is strongly advised. Registration forms can be found on St. Andrew’s website http://www.standrews.ru and must be sent to the above address.

Download registration form

Download conference booklet

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