Larry Hurtado about Carlo Maria Martini (the scholar), who died recently.

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I learned only yesterday that Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini had died, and (the  reason it was picked up by UK news outlets) had given a death-bed interview in which he had expressed strong views on how the Roman Catholic Church (and European churches more generally) needed to be renewed and reformed.  I know of Martini in another capacity, however, as a NT scholar and particularly for his contributions to NT textual criticism.  I was asked in an email whether in fact he was a real and respected biblical scholar.  Unquestionably, yes.  His willingness to take on senior roles in the Catholic Church made it difficult thereafter to continue doing the original research that characterized his earlier years as a NT scholar.  But he is noted for some important work.

In particular, I point to his study of Codex Vaticanus in the light of the then recently-published Bodmer Papyrus XIV (aka…

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