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The news media today are rife with reports about a recent paper given by Professor Karen King (Harvard Divinity School) on a fragment of a Coptic text (at this point, taken as a genuine ancient text, perhaps from the 4th-5th century CE), in which Jesus might be taken as referring to „my wife”.  Even serious historians have opined on the item, such as Professor Kate Cooper (Manchester) for the BBC here.  

It would be helpful to other scholars to have Prof. King’s full paper, but in the meantime, the Harvard Divinity School page on the item gives a proposed transcription, translation, and a „Q&A” section as well here.

For her own personal, initial „take” on the item by a respected scholar in ancient „gnostic” texts, see April DeConick’s blog posting here.

Aside from the need to have further analysis of the likely date and authenticitity of the fragment…

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