February 4 – 7, 2013


Day One (February 4)

16.00-18.00    Arrival and Registration.

18.00             Evening Meal.

19.30             Welcome and Introductions by the Rector/Academic Dean.

19.45-20.45 Keynote Lecture: ‘The 400th Anniversary of the King James Version’, by Alec Gilmore, Senior Research Fellow at the IBTS.

20.45-21.00  Discussion

Day Two (February 5)

Bible Translations in Eastern Europe.

Who is doing what and how texts and translations are influenced by language, culture, doctrine and ecclesiastical politics.

Breakfast from 07.30

09.00             Morning Prayer

09.30             First Lecture: Lydie Kucova, Survey of Bible Translations in Eastern Europe

10.30             Coffee in the Guest Lounge

11.00             Second Lecture: Florentina Badalanova Geller, Folk Translations and Vernacular Renderings

12.30             Lunch

14.00-15.30  First Workshop with John Elwolde as Facilitator

Two Short Papers

(a)   Translation Structures and Ecumenical Considerations in the Slovak Ecumenical Bible, 2007, by Juraj Bandy

(b)  Issues arising from Czeslaw Milosz’s Translation of the Psalms, by Jamie Grant

15.30             Tea Break

16.00-17.30   Second Workshop with John Elwolde as Facilitator

Interaction on previous papers with informal input from others

18.00             Evening Meal

Day Three (February 6)

Broader issues of Bible Translation

Initiating and organising translations, political, ecclesiastical and doctrinal pressures, and current models of translation.

Breakfast from 07.30

09.00              Extended Morning Prayer

09.45              Coffee in the Guest Lounge

10.00              Third Lecture: Emmanuel Contac, Recent Romanian Translations with particular reference

to Cultural, Ecclesiastical and Doctrinal Bias

11.00              Fourth Lecture: John Elwolde, Translation Logistics. Models of Translation and the Target Audience

12.30              Lunch

14.00-15.30  Third Workshop with Lydie Kucova as Facilitator

Two Short Papers

(a)   Recent Bible Translation in the Czech Republic, by Alexander Flek

(b)   The Interchange between Bible Translations and Hebrew Lexica, by Mervyn Richardson

15.30              Tea Break

16.00-17.30          Fourth Workshop with Alec Gilmore as Facilitator

Interaction on previous papers with informal input from others.

18.00              Evening Meal

Day Four (February 7)

Conclusion and Departure

Breakfast from 07.30

09.00              Morning Prayer

09.30              Open session for summing up, outstanding matters, general questions and discussions.

10.30             Coffee Break

12.30              Lunch and Depart