I have already registered for a Summer School in Oxford, but I plan to attend the LSSC in future years.

For those who may be interested, here is a good chance to brush up your knowledge of the classical langugages.

(via C.I.)


London Summer School in Classics 2013

University College London

Tuesday 9 July to Thursday 18 July 2013

The Summer School offers eight days of intensive teaching in Greek and Latin. This year there will also be classes in Coptic and Biblical Hebrew. There are four language classes each day as well as lectures and a debate, between 10.30 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. The fee is £100. There will also be a workshop on how to make mosaics (the cost of which is £60), visits to the British Museum and the Petrie Museum and an exhibition of mosaics. The course is not residential, and there is no teaching on the weekend of 13-14 July. Bursaries and ravel grants may be available for certain categories of students.

Students will be assigned to teaching groups of normally not more than 12-15 people. As far as possible, groups for each language comprise students of roughly the same level of experience (beginners, intermediate or advanced). The style of teaching is friendly, but demanding: a lot of work is expected from students during the School, but they usually find the whole experience both stimulating and valuable. Some classes concentrate chiefly on reading texts, while others offer a mixture of grammar and translation practice. Our tutors include some of the most experienced and talented teachers of Classics in the London area and beyond.

The Summer School in Classics caters for a wide range of interests. In recent years, we have had substantial numbers of students from both schools and universities, but also mature students who wish to learn Greek or Latin, or to revive their knowledge of the languages. Our principal concern is to provide a thorough programme of language learning in a lively university environment.

For application forms and the programme please visit https://www.ucl.ac.uk/classics/engagement/summerschool and for enquiries, please contact:

The Secretary

London Summer School in Classics

Department of Greek & Latin

University College London

Gower Street                                                                         Tel. 0044- (0) 20 7679 5576

London WC1E 6BT                                                            Email: classicssummerschool@ucl.ac.uk

Closing date for applications is Friday 31 May 2013