I am not sure that I shall be able to attend the General Assembly, but I spread the news nonetheless.

So what is BETH?

BETH (Bibliothèques Européenes de Théologie) is an ecumenical association of the national theological library associations in Europe, with additional members gathered from among the various individual theological libraries that are recognised as extraordinary in their scope, either from their collections or from their influence in the international sphere. The structure of the organisation is open-ended, thus inviting observers to attend the annual general assemblies, and welcoming applications for membership from other theological library associations in Europe, as well as from individual libraries that meet the membership criteria.

The mission of BETH is

  • To promote co-operation among the theological and ecclesiastical libraries in Europe;
  • To stimulate the development of theological libraries through shared knowledge and experience and through training theological librarians;
  • To serve the interests of European theological libraries in the scientific/academic sphere and on an international level; and
  • To preserve the rich cultural patrimony found in the theological and ecclesiastical libraries of Europe.

This year the number of available places is limited so whoever plans to attend should register as soon as possible. The cost of full participation is 425 euros. The daily rate is 50 euros (this includes meals and activities but not accommodation). This would mean 200 euros for the 4 days.

For the programme and other information, see HERE.