My Scottish friend Dr. Gordon Lyon has done a tremendous job bringing humanitarian aid to Romania for more than a decade, in various parts of the country (especially in Moldova and Dobrogea, which are not as affluent as Transylvania). I have been in close touch with him over these years and I have tried to facilitate his visits to the best of my abilities.

During his visit to Romania this past May, I have discussed with him a new project which he seeks to implement. For those who are interested, please see the details below. I post this in English because if you are interested in writing to him, you will need to be reasonably proficient in English.

Scottish Aid to Eastern Europe is a Christian charity which has been bringing aid to Romania for over 10 years.

 We are now offering to help Christian groups who wish to apply for European Social Fund Training Grants for training towards employment.

 For further details, in the first instance please contact the charity’s Chairman, Dr Gordon Lyon in Scotland.

His e-mail address is gordon at

Please replace “at” by @ if you plan to write to Dr. Gordon Lyon. If you encounter problems and your emails do no go through, please leave a comment on this post.