Peter in Early Christianity

4-6 July 2013

University of Edinburgh


Location: the whole conference will take place in New College, Mound Place, Edinburgh.

Thursday 4th July

12.00   Welcome (Helen Bond, Director of the Centre for the Study of Christian Origins)

12.15   Larry Hurtado (University of Edinburgh)

‘Peter in Protestant New Testament Scholarship’

1.15     Margaret Williams (University of Edinburgh)

The Nomenclature of Peter – A Brief Enquiry’

2.15     Sean Freyne (Trinity College, Dublin)

‘“For they were fishermen” (Mk 1.16). Fish and Fishing on the Sea of Galilee in the first century’

            Tea Break: 3.15-3.45


3.45     Seth Ehorn (University of Edinburgh)

‘Peter, Paul, and ‘the Incident’: The Role of Peter in Recent Reconstructions of Galatians 2.11-21’

4.15     Emanuel Contac (Theological Pentecostal Institute, Bucharest)

‘The Clash between Peter and Paul at Antioch (Gal 2.11-14). Early Patristic Commentators between a Rock and a Hard Place’

4.45     Gene Green (Wheaton College) ‘The Testimony of Peter’

Short break: 5.15-5.30


5.30     Peter Lampe (University of Heidelberg) Traces of Peter in Roman Archaeology’


Bar from 6.30 – 7.30 (first floor landing)

Own dinner arrangements


Friday 5th July


9.0       Stephan Witetschek (University of Munich) ‘Peter in Corinth?’

9.30     Helen Bond (University of Edinburgh) ‘Was Mark Peter’s hermēneutēs?’

10.0     Holly Carey (Point University)

‘Criticizing Peter: The Gospel Portrait of a Faltering Peter in its Historical Context’

10.30   John Markley (Liberty University)

‘Was Peter Remembered Negatively in the Synoptic Tradition? A Re-evaluation of the Significance of Peter’s Imperception’


            Coffee break: 11-11.30


11.30   Timothy Barnes (University of Edinburgh)

‘“Another shall gird thee” – Ancient Evidence vs. New Testament ‘Scholarship’’

Lunch: 12.30-1.45 (Rainy Hall). The Bar will also be open (first floor landing)

1.45     Finn Damgaard (Copenhagen)

‘Moving the People to Repentance: Peter in Luke-Acts’

2.15     Jason Sturdevant (North Carolina)

‘The Centrality of Discipleship in the Johannine Portrayal of Peter’

2.45     Jonathan Lo (Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary)

‘Seeing the Cross Through the Eyes of Peter: The Theology of Christ’s Death in the Petrine Speeches of Acts’

Tea Break: 3.15-3.45

3.45     Matthew V. Novenson, (University of Edinburgh)

‘Why are there some Petrine Epistles rather than none?’

4.15     Sean Adams (University of Edinburgh)

‘The Tradition of Peter’s Literacy: Acts, 1Peter and the Petrine Literature’

Short break: 4.45-5.15


5.15     Tobias Nicklas (University of Regensburg) ‘“Gnostic” Perspectives on Peter’

      6.15 onwards: Bar open


7.0       Conference Dinner (Rainy Hall)


Saturday 6th July

9.0       Todd Still (Baylor) ‘Portraits of Peter in the Apostolic Fathers’

9.30     Paul Hartog (Faith Baptist Seminary)

‘Peter in Paul’s Churches: The Early Christian Reception of Peter in Corinth (1 Clement) and in Philippi (Polycarp’s Philippians)’

10.0     Will Rutherford (Houston Baptist University)

‘On the Trail of the Scribal Peter: Apostolic Authority and the Production of Jewish/Christian Difference in Peter’s Preaching’


Coffee break: 10.30-11.00

11.00   Sara Parvis (University of Edinburgh) ‘Peter in Irenaeus’

11.30   Paul Parvis (University of Edinburgh)

‘When did Peter become Bishop of Antioch?’

12.00   Paul Foster (University of Edinburgh)

‘Peter in the Non-Canonical New Testament Writings’

Lunch break: 12.30-1.45 (Rainy Hall). The Bar will also be open (first floor landing)

1.45     Markus Bockmuehl (University of Oxford)

‘Scripture’s Peter meets van Balthasar’s Pope’

Close of conference: 2.45-3.00