A gloomy autumn, mournful, poignant and beautiful like a notturno per i defunti by Porpora.

Here’s the notturno based on Job 7. Enjoy all of them, if you have the time. This is „baroque the beautiful”.


Job 7:16-21

16 parce mihi nihil enim sunt dies mei

17 quid est homo quia magnificas eum aut quia ponis erga eum cor tuum

18 visitas eum diluculo et subito probas illum

19 usquequo non parces mihi nec dimittis me ut gluttiam salivam meam

20 peccavi quid faciam tibi o custos hominum quare posuisti me contrarium tibi et factus sum mihimet ipsi gravis

21 cur non tolles peccatum meum et quare non auferes iniquitatem meam ecce nunc in pulvere dormiam et si mane me quaesieris non subsistam

16 Let me alone, for my days are a breath.

17 What are human beings, that you make so much of them, that you set your mind on them,

18 visit them every morning, test them every moment?

19 Will you not look away from me for a while, let me alone until I swallow my spittle?

20 If I sin, what do I do to you, you watcher of humanity? Why have you made me your target? Why have I become a burden to you?

21 Why do you not pardon my transgression and take away my iniquity? For now I shall lie in the earth; you will seek me, but I shall not be.”