A few minutes ago I heard a knock at the door. I thought it a bit suspicious for my sister to have arrived from her shopping spree after only one hour. And behold, there were standing at the door two elderly ladies, who introduced themselves as Jehovah’s witnesses and who cheerfully voiced their willingness to share with me information about the Bible.

I told them gently, frankly (and perhaps a little smugly): “Uhm, I think I know my Bible pretty well. I teach NT Greek at seminary in Bucharest and I know my way around the Hebrew OT. And I have some knowledge of Coptic too. A few years ago I bought the Romanian version of your translation and I have it in my library”.

The ladies paused a few seconds, in order to gain their composure and then attacked the problem from another flank, raising the issues of the existence of the soul after death. I replied that this was a complex issue which would need more time than I had on my hands. I think that if I had been in my own house, I would have invited them for a discussion over a cup of tea. They resolved to give me a leaflet titled “Can the dead really live again?” and directed me to the site of their organization: jw.org.

And thus the discussion ended before I got to find out what was the good news that they were bringing.