For the readers interested in the Apostolic Fathers.

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The term „The Apostolic Fathers” designates a body of early Christian writings that, next to the NT, include some of the earliest most important and fascinating texts from ancient Christian circles.  Most recent editions include fifteen texts, plus fragments ascribed to Papias cited in other early texts.  Although of considerable historical significance, these writings (which largely are dated to the late first and early/mid second centuries CE) have been overlooked far too much, even in scholarly circles, and certainly among the wider public.  But there are signs of a renewed interest, and these comprise a number of recent publications that offer help in becoming acquainted with these early texts.

The texts include „1 Clement” (a letter from the Roman church to the Corinthian church typically dated in the 90s CE), „2 Clement” (an early Christian homily-type text), letters of Ignatius of Antioch (early 2nd century), the „Martyrdom of Polycarp” (traditionally regarded…

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