I was blessed to attend both weeks last year and I highly recommend the event. Some bursaries are available, but my understanding is that costs have risen a little bit this year.

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I give notice again this year of the programme of the Summer Biblical Study in Oxford, 27 July – 01 August 2014, sponsored by the Vacation Term for Biblical Study.  This year, there will be a packed one-week programme that includes Old Testament and New Testament lectures focused on biblical texts, other lectures concerned with the interpretation/use of the Bible, e.g., the use of the OT in Handel’s oratorios, and lectures on images in modern Jewish art.

Professor Alister McGrath’s lecture, „Irrigating Deserts:  C.S. Lewis and the Reading of Scripture,” will commence the programme.  Accommodations in St. Anne’s College (Oxford) are very comfortable and within easy walking distance to the heart of Oxford.

It’s a great way for „lay” folk to upgrade their biblical studies and for ministers to do a bit of „professional development.”  Also, those (e.g., from North America) planning a UK summer holiday-visit might take in this Summer Biblical…

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