Schweitzer’s book on Bach (which he first wrote in French and then rewrote and doubled in German) made him a lot of friends throughout the world.

My Romanian readers will be glad to find out that Queen Elisabeth (29 December 1843 – 3 March/2 November 1916), wife of our first king, Carol I, was among his numerous correspondents.

Carmen Sylva, Queen of Romania, wrote me a long letter because I had made her beloved Bach still dearer to her, and it was followed by a whole series of others. The latest of them, directed to Africa, was painfully written with a pencil because her hand, which suffered from rheumatism, could no longer hold a pen. I could not accept the frequently written invitation at her castle in Sinaya, which carried with it the obligation to play the organ for her two hours a day. In the last years before my departure for Africa I could not afford the time for a holiday. By the time I did return home she was no longer among the living.