Dan Batovici has written an English review on my book (Dilemmas of Fidelity), a condensed version of a much longer Romanian review which appeared online.

If a little subjectivity can be permitted in a blog post, here is my favourite quote. For the full text, see HERE.

Far more interesting and sounder methodologically is the alternative route, where he starts from the circumstances in which the translation was completed and published, including the relevant polemical contexts, theological or not. This way, for instance, Contac can clearly show that the process by which, in Orthodox versions, the rendition of presbyteros by the means of the Romanian equivalents for ‘priest’ has gradually increased from 5 in the mid-16th century to all possible 18 occurrences by the middle of the last century, is doubled by and based on the polemical stances on the matter in translation prefaces and other publications of the translators. Contac is then on firm ground to state that such translations are the most conditioned by the theological debates between the majority church and the evangelical minorities (p. 179).

As such, Contac’s analysis produces the most reliable results when the ‘conditioning’ is identified by assessing the evidence from the immediate context of a given translation, be that prefaces, notes on the translation, autobiographies, diaries, and publications of the translators, and also by studying clearly identifiable filiations between translations. One can only hope that these results will be published in a more accessible language so that they can be added to the current bibliography on ideology, culture and translation in biblical studies.