Citeam nu de mult un episod dintr-o biografie a lui Luther care s-ar putea să fie relevant și pentru zilele noastre. Contextul episodului este acesta: după Dieta de la Worms, împăratul Carol a permis arderea cărților scrise de Luther.


„In his [Charles’] private domains the Counter Reformation, already begun, was pursued in earnest. Aleander [one of Luther’s enemies] returned to the Netherlands, and the burning of books went on merrily. As a certain friar was supervising a bonfire, a by-stander said to him, „You would see better if the ashes of Luther’s books got into your eyes.”

He was a bold man who dared to say so much. Erasmus, at Louvain, began to realize that the choice for him would soon lie between the stake or exile. Ruefully confessing that he was not cut out for martyrdom, he transferred his residence to Basel.”

Well, I am not sure that I am cut out for martyrdon, but I am definitely not leaving for Basel!

I am leaving for Wheaton. 🙂