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The Fifth RefoRC Conference 2015 will be held May 7-9, 2015 and will hosted by the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Version of this webpage: June 10, 2014.

Short Papers and General Attendance

The conference is open to individual short paper presentations (20 minutes presentation, 10 minutes discussion) and to thematic sessions of two or three short papers. It is also possible to attend the conference without presenting a paper. While we encourage papers on the conference theme, papers can focus on all disciplines related to the 16th century reformations, such as arts, philosophy, law, history, theology etc., independent of the theme of the plenary papers.

Short Paper Submission and Registration

Short paper proposals and registrations can be submitted via the registration form. Short paper proposals are welcome before February 15, 2015.

Theme of Plenary Papers

The theme of the plenary papers is: Crossing Borders: Transregional Reformations.

In recent decades, the field of transnational/transregional history has yielded novel insights: the constant movement of persons, goods, ideas, books and images across boundaries induced a transfer of culture and knowledge shaping the early modern world much more profoundly than previously thought. Although alert to the universal aspect of religion, theologians and (church) historians are only starting to apply this methodology to the study of religious reform in the sixteenth century.

The conference aims to emphasize the shift in the field of Reformation Studies to a cross-border and multi-confessional approach: How were religious exile, confessional identity and transregional transfers connected? What were the routes and networks of religious reform, along and across borders? How did the printing press support transregional exchange? In what ways did global, transregional and local dimensions of religious reform interact?

The Fifth RefoRC Conference Leuven explores transregional dimensions of the Catholic and Protestant Reformations in the early modern period.


General communication of the conference is in English, but also papers in French and German will be welcomed. Presenters who prefer to give their paper in French or German, are invited to provide the audience with an English summary of about 150-200 words.


You can register online. Your registration will become effective on receipt of your payment. Closure of registration: May 6, 2015.

The Registration Fee Includes

  • subscription to the JEMC of 2016 (two issues)
  • Coffee breaks
  • Concert Saint Michael’s Church, Leuven
  • Reception

Contact for More General Information and Information on Short Paper Submissions

Prof. Dr. Wim François, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, Sint-Michielsstraat 4, box 3101
Prof. Dr. Violet Soen,
Prof. Dr. Johan Verberckmoes, Faculty of Arts, Blijde Inkomststraat 21, box 3307
B-3000 Leuven, Belgium

Contact for More information on Registration and Payment

Karla Apperloo-Boersma, project leader of Refo500

Conference Secretariat

Drs. Antonio Gerace, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies
Drs. Alexander Soetaert, Faculty of Arts

Concert 7 May, 2015

Saint-Michael’s church: Lagrime, Orlando Lasso, Capilla Nova & Danshuis

Visual: painting by the Venetian Jacopo Bassano (c. 1510-1592), The Miraculous Draught of Fishes, 1545 (Washington, National Gallery of Art).
In this painting the open seas, far away mountains, harbours, the town and the boats all suggest that religion moves across borders. The play of gestures and expressions of Christ, Peter, and Andrew on the left contrasts with the denser grouping of Zebedee and his sons James and John on the right. Uniting the two groups of apostles is the dramatic form of Andrew’s billowing cape, a signature motif of the artist.