An intriguing historical reconstruction. I would definitely like to have a closer look at some of the arguments.

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I’m pleased to see in print Craig Evans’ new book, From Jesus to the Church:  The First Christian Generation (Westminster John Knox Press, 2014), and pleased to have a copy.  It derives from Evans’ Deichmann lectures given in Ben Gurion University (Beersheva, Israel) in May 2010.  (As the first Deichmann lecturer in March 2004, I’m pleased to see the lecture series continuing and featuring such fine scholars as Evans.)

The core „storyline” of Evans’ book is the proposal that there was a „clash between the family of high priest Annas and the family of Jesus of Nazareth” that began with the arrest and execution of Jesus and then extended across the ensuing forty years or so.

Evans proposes that Jesus did prophesy the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple (inspired by precedents such as the oracle in Jeremiah 7).  In part, this may have been motivated by „corruption in the Herodian…

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