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I devoted this past week heavily to carrying out a fresh and more thorough analysis of „P22”, remnants of a papyri copy of the Gospel of John likely from sometime in the 3rd century.  „P22” (or P.Oxyrhynchus 1228) is two fragments of this manuscript, housed in the Glasgow University Library.  It’s reasonably well known among NT textual critics, I suppose, included in lists of early NT papyri, and its readings cited in critical apparatuses.  But, to my knowledge, there has not been a detailed autopsy analysis of the papyrus for a long time, perhaps not since Grenfell and Hunt published the papyrus in 1914 (in The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, Volume X).  Indeed, I rather suspect that all subsequent references to P22 have been based on Grenfell & Hunt’s publication, and particularly their transcription of its text.

P22 is unusual because it appears to be remnants of a copy of GJohn…

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