A prayer sung by the Hilliard Ensemble.

I suspect it may be a far cry from the „Jesus is my best friend” that you sometimes hear in Evangelicals churches.

O Lord, of Thy heavenly bounties deprive me not.
O Lord, deliver me from the eternal torments.
O Lord, forgive me if I have sinned in my mind or my thought, whether in word or in deed.
O Lord, free me from all ignorance and forgetfulness, from despondency and stony insensibility.
O Lord, deliver me from every temptation.
O Lord, enlighten my heart which evil desires have darkened.
O Lord, as a man I have sinned, have though mercy on me, as the God full of compassion, seeing the feebleness of my soul.
O Lord, send down Thy grace to help me, that I may glorify Thy name.
O Lord Jesus Christ, write me down in the book of life and grant unto me a good end.
O Lord my God, even if I had not done anything good before Thee, do Thou help me, in Thy grace, to make a good beginning.
O Lord, sprinkle into my heart the dew of Thy grace.
O Lord of heaven and earth, remember me, Thy sinful servant, full of shame and impurity, in Thy kingdom. Amen
O Lord, receive me in my penitence.
O Lord, forsake me not.
O Lord, lead me not into misfortune.
O Lord, quicken in me a good thought.
O Lord, give me tears and remembrance of death, and contrition.
O Lord, make me solicitous of confessing my sins.
O Lord, give me humility, chastity and obedience.
O Lord, give me patience, magnanimity and meekness.
O Lord, implant in me the root of all good – Thy fear in my heart.
O Lord, vouchsafe that I may love Thee from all my soul and mind and in everything do Thy will.
O Lord, shelter me from certain men, from demons and passions, and from any other unbecoming thing.
O Lord, Thou knowest that Thou dost as Thy willest, let then Thy will be done in me, sinner,
for blessed art Thou unto the ages. Amen.