If I had one extra life to spare, I would use it to translate works by D.L. Sayers, who is much less known than she deserves.

Here’s a fragment from a broadcast given in 1950 and which is as relevant today as it was 60 years ago.

When modern scientists begin to discuss religion, I often wish that some kindly soul had thought of sending them to Sunday school, for they do not seem to know the meaning of the words that Christians use. Here, for example, is Mr. Fred Hoyle. He finds the idea of immortality horrible, because he himself would not care to live more than 300 years. And he complains that Christians have so little to say about how they propose that eternity shall be spent. Now, Christians have in fact said a good deal about the nature of eternal life. In particular that it does not consist, as Mr. Holye seems to think, of endlessly prolonged time, of the kind we know.