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I’ve mentioned in earlier postings the Vacation Term for Biblical Study, a charitable trust that provides a rich annual programme of (non-credit) scholarly teaching on various subjects of (and related to) biblical studies, intended for any/all adult learners.  There are two one-week programmes offered.  In each week, there is a series of lectures relating to the Old Testament and a series relating to the New Testament.  Plus, there are language classes offered each week in NT Greek and OT Hebrew, with levels ranging from introductory to more advanced.

This year the VTBS programme runs 3-7 August and 10-14 August, and will be set in Robinson College, Cambridge UK.  I’m on the programme in the second week, with a series of lectures on „What Made Early Christianity Different in the Roman World?”  You can view the full programme for both weeks here.  Information on costs and the booking procedure can…

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