Only now did I become aware that there are a few documentaries about Schweitzer.

Here’s a very famous, yet very self-effacing man.

A documentary worth watching.


A moving story. Perhaps a little too corny, but still moving.

noahI am not really in favour of making movies out of biblical stories. It seems to me that when biblical stories are made into movies, they look so much like myths. Their theological depth is lost and what we are left with are the „husks” of engrossing special effects and a cast of good looking actors.

Of course, it may be early to judge the coming movie. I suspect that the Evangelicals will support and promote the movie despite the Hollywoodian clichés it will have to insert in order to appeal to a large audience.

Ivan the Terrible is a fascinating character, to the extent that politicians touched by paranoia can be fascinating.

The mad tsar is played by Pyotr Mamonov, who did a splendid job in Ostrov / The island (2006).

The plot of the movie reminds me of A Man for All Seasons, which also pits a tyrannical (but not quite so mad) monarch against the upright prelate bound to his conscience and to God.

A movie well worth re-watching. And not only as a „listening exercise”.

Here’s the soundtrack.

One of the good documentary series broadcast this year by the BBC is about Africa.

Here’s a very moving clip from the first episode. The splendor and cruelty of (wild)life in 5 minutes.

Contrary to what the title of the youtube clip says, the giraffes do not fight to the death. The one which falls down eventually gets up and leaves (pretty much still in once piece). But the BBC does not show you that, because it does not want to spoil the suspense.

Simon Schama has produced a new documentary. This time it is about „The Story of the Jews”.

I enjoyed his documentaries about The History of Britain and about The Power of Art.

By the way, has anyone reviewed the new series? I would be curious to know how he deals with the historiographical bones of contention.

If you have time, enjoy and share your impressions!

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