I should definitely include some chunks of the LXX for study at the Greek Club.

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It has often struck me as curious that the „Septuagint” (LXX) as been so widely neglected among NT scholars, and so often overlooked by PhD students in the field.  So, e.g., when PhD students tackle the meaning of some OT passage cited or alluded to in the NT, or the meaning of some word/expression that seems to be derived from the OT, they often (typically?) conduct an admirably detailed analysis of the Hebrew OT passage, but do little (often nothing) with the Greek OT.

That’s especially curious for two reasons:  First, for the authors and the intended readers of NT writings a Greek OT was their OT.  So the first/primary question about any OT text thought to have been used in the NT is what the Greek form of the text was.  Indeed, at the risk of being provocative, I would say that you need to justify consulting or at…

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