I cannot claim that I am well-read in theology. I am perhaps too undisciplined and too eclectic in taste and approach. This is why I became so keen on finding out what young scholars from other religious traditions read nowadays in order to define and sharpen their Christian convictions in the midst of so many (heated) debates and not a little animosity, rancour or downright hatred of one’s opponents in today’s effervescent theological arena.

At the VTBS in Oxford I met Hallvard Nordbø Jørgensen, a young Norwegian minister with whom I had many engaging discussions. Because some of the authors he referred to in our conversations were unknown to me, I asked him to compile a list of authors who exerted a formative influence on his thought.

He did just that. For those interested in comparing your reading notes with his, HERE’s the link.

Having perused the list of suggested readings, I begin to suspect that some of the authors he recommends are like strong medication which should be administered only to certain patients who suffer from certain imbalances or disorders. If you experience strong adverse reactions, take smaller doses or discontinue treatment until advised otherwise by your personal physician.

If some patients will experience rashness, urticaria or other forms of visible irritation of the skin, this may be due to an intolerance to theological protein. You are likely to have had a rich low-fat milk diet, therefore transition to more solid, protein-based food should be gradual.

One last piece of advice: keep Hallvardʼs list out of the reach of children.